sabato 29 dicembre 2007

Some new and old stuff.

Our friend who works with metal did for us this cool stuff for narrowing beams. If you want some stuff for your beam write us! I bought also some new stuff from volkshouse and Alessio(bazza) gave me the front bumper, rear mirror and other old stuff for my 'Muffa'. Giancarlo came to garage with is lowered and narrowed bug....soon some cool shots!

2 commenti:

Martin / ha detto...

Nice work on the blog. Keep it up! :) Where in Italy are you located? I have contacts in Paderno outside Milano. Rock on!

The Italian Drop ha detto...

Hi martin, we love meanbugs rides! you guys rock! We're located near turin, 130 km from Milano! I've been in sweden some years ago in stockolm and orebro where I met Millencolin! In Sweden there are the most beautiful girls in europe! :) you've got mail!