sabato 15 dicembre 2007

Finally started the works on 'The Muffa'

Yeah, Muffa is in the garage! We started to put out interior, seats, panel, tank,etc...
This car is really solid! Just a little bit of corrosion where are the strange addictional directional light, the crash on the front and on the right side. Floor and interior are perfect!
What do you think about the 'mustache bumper'? ;)

Maybe when the car is on the ground that bumper is not bad?! eheh
The works I want to do on it are: new brakes, paint the floor, 14 cm narrowed beam...and then...go scratching the surface!


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maggiolino basso ha detto...

The "Muffa" is going to look ACE when you get it slammed and install the narrowed beam up front.