lunedì 31 marzo 2008

Vans & Volks'n'roll!

Yeah guys, Vans confirmed the second year of sponsoring for Volks'n'roll!
Vans also sponsoring Bug In and Super VW National in Thenay!

martedì 25 marzo 2008

T.I.D. presents Bugs Garage rides.

Hey folks, here some cool rides from our friends from Pescara. The guys from Pescara have really cool cars! Now they are narrowing and lowering some of them. Go to visit their blog!

domenica 16 marzo 2008

9000 visits! Come to meet Sick Girl at V'n'R!

Other pic from Sick Girl!
Come at our meeting Volks'n'roll in june and meet the Sick Girl! Spaghetti Pin Up of the 20th century!
Cool show for a cool meeting!

sabato 8 marzo 2008

T.I.D. narrowed beams.

We are working on our home made narrowed beam. These are some pics from the works on 8 cm narrowed beam with shocks. Lowrenzo's father says all the time we are crazy that rusty bugs...but he helped us to build our first beam! Soon on sale!