domenica 25 novembre 2007

Narrowing a '71 bug.

Our frined Giancarlo want to lower and narrow his '71 bug. We're going to mount a -5 cm narrowed beam. This bug is his daily driver, so we'll lowering it enough for a nice look. Out soon!

giovedì 22 novembre 2007

Cool bus for a cool night!

Yeah, Saturday night me and my friends Luca, Valeria, Carol ate together at my little house then went partying in Aosta with my deluxe.
Amazing night with cool girls and friends!
We love go partying with our aircooleds! Old school rules!!


martedì 20 novembre 2007

Still working on Sabotage.

Lowrenzo is working hard on his project! New brake, chassis is ok, beam ok. He is going to fix the last things...
Sabotage will scratch the surface in the spring!

Vintage Wheels Garage...just for few months

Yeah, we have a big garage for our winter projects. We will work on my '59, sabotage '65 of Lowrenzo, '71 bug from Giancarlo, our bay '69 and my deluxe '71....It will be a winter full of projects!


giovedì 15 novembre 2007

2000 visits in the first 2 months!

Thank you guys for visiting T.I.D.

After a lot of really hot girl!

New logo for T.I.D.

We have a new logo for the T.I.D.
Coming soon pins, t-shirts, stickers and other cool stuff!
Stay tuned!

sabato 10 novembre 2007

Razor find in Italy.

This is the kg 34 I found 30 km from my house. The car was stopped 24 years ago in a box. It's really hard to find a razor edge here in Italy. The car was imported in Italy at the end of 70s from Germany. It could be a cool hoodride! I can't buy it because I have my '59 project to finish. The old man that own this kg wants to sell it just in Italy.


sabato 3 novembre 2007

Borge's surf & vw trip

This is a little story of my surf & vw trip of this last summer in the great French South West Coast, from Lacanau to biarritz. Here I met a lot of cool guys that I spent a lot of time with them, surfing, cruising with our rides and partying! The guys from Combi Cruiser Club, a real friendly club from Hossegor! I hope to see all of them at Volks'n'roll '08 next year, and obviously on the Ocean side to surf togheter! Also thanks to quick'n'cox for the presents and friendship!

Started my trip alone, I met new friends at the Incoxruptibles, le meeting avec drag race du Agen. Here I won the prize for the longest trip to the meeting. 850 kmReal rat! The Rich's split is amazing!

Ocean!Other two baywindow deluxe with metal sunroof! It's rare to see 3 at the same time. Here at 'Quick'n'cox' rencard.

Chez Rich! 'Hawaiian' house on the lake side and 3 km from Ocean. Dinner with C.C.C. friends. I cooked pasta that night!Typical meeting in Biscarrosse...just in time for the 'apero'...drinking beer and alcool before eating is really frequently in France...everywhere!3 nice girls I met in Lacanau. They were driving their westy....I 'tought'...I must meet them!Happy people in Biscarrosse! My deluxe, two great splits from Annecy and Devon.Rich's house!I met my best friends in San Sebastian in Spain during 'La semana grande' everywhere in the streets!Ocean, clouds and sun.C.C.C. meet Vintage Wheels! Here the best people from C.C.C. A real big family! Thank guys!!