giovedì 27 settembre 2007

Matteo's Split Pickup - cassoratto

Yeah man! Another cool ride from Matteo from Milano! An original split pickup with with the old italian metal plates, and original wood in the 'centina' (I don't know the real name in english, sorry) on the back. Now he's trying to put original fuchs wheels! 7" in the back and 5,5" in the front! Stay tuned for news about this crunchy pickup! Pics by Manovra(Sunlike)

martedì 11 settembre 2007

Sabotage...scratching soon!

Sabotage is this great '65 bug from LowRenzo. Chassis is perfect, with new brakes, rebuilt engine. The car is a perfect rat-look, with some little rust and patina! Narrowed beam (- 14 cm) on original wheels(for the moment) with 145/65 from the smart in the front! Cool car is coming!!


How to narrow - The Italian Drop secrets

Hey man!! Get out of my beam!! I'm a fuxxing purist!!

lunedì 10 settembre 2007

The Muffa - A new hoodride is coming

Here is the new project from Borge. A '59 bug found in a box, left unused for more than 20 years. Original paint with some rust just on the surface! A perfect ride for a new rat look in Italy!

Love these door handles!

Nice rust!