giovedì 28 febbraio 2008

8000 visits! Pin up time!

Do you wanna know this girl? There's a surprise for you......coming soon.....

sabato 9 febbraio 2008

Alessio's '63 resto and his new project.

Hey folks, here the '63 resto from Alessio (slowlowvw). The first and collest resto in Italy! 10 cm narrowed beam on 4 BRM wheels, perfect interior, paint and cool accessories. Now Alessio bought a '67 split that is starting works on it. Narrowed beam and patina look. We are lookin' forward to see this last project soon on the road!

sabato 2 febbraio 2008

Giancarlo pics: 70's resto and cool lomo pics!

Here the cool '70 bug from Giancarlo (Persephone) we narrowed at the garage.
It looks really cool! Pics shooted by Giancarlo.